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Fix That Leak – Weeping Tile Replacement in Sudbury

One of the causes of leaking basements is problems with the weeping tile. Weeping tile is one of the less-common causes of foundation problems, but when it does occur, you want to ensure you have the best of the best on your side. Turn to PCC Contracting Inc. for weeping tile repair and replacement in Sudbury. 


Weeping tile is the name for the drain system at the base of the foundations that removes water and helps to keep your basement dry. Weeping tile is made from either clay or thin, perforated, corrugated plastic. In older homes, this can become very brittle and even collapse with little effort, creating a much larger problem. Plastic pipe is also not strong enough to be cleaned effectively. 


Rather than cleaning the existing weeping tile, it is preferable to replace the old system with a new, subfloor drain system.


Our experienced team can replace the old weeping tile in your home or business to keep your basement dry and free of mould and mildew for years to come. PCC Contracting Inc. has years of experience crafting and repairing highly effective weeping tiles to improve conditions in homes and businesses across Greater Sudbury. Give us a call today to request an estimate.

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